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Technological innovation

R & D capabilities

The company's R&D team has a total of 54 people, of which 14.8% are graduates and 85.2% are undergraduates. The product design adopts three-dimensional design. The application software mainly includes PR0-E and CATIA, which has the ability of finite element analysis and system simulation analysis. The main application software includes Ansys, ABAQUS, AMEsim, MATLAB and other software.

Test ability

Laboratory passed the National Defense Military Industry Accreditation in 2010 and became a third-level measurement station, and in 2013 passed the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) accreditation, with third-party testing qualifications. The laboratory is divided into a clutch comprehensive bench laboratory and a physical and chemical measurement laboratory. There are more than 45 main testing equipment, including 22 clutch comprehensive bench laboratory equipment, 23 physical and chemical measurement laboratory equipment, and 31 kinds of testing tools. It has an international advanced level clutch product laboratory, has the test capabilities required by industry standards, and has the vehicle pedal force test and analysis capabilities and the vehicle NVH test and analysis capabilities.

Technical advantages

The company's technological development has experienced 28 years of development from the initial technology introduction, to digestion and absorption, and now to technological innovation. At present, it has the ability to independently develop clutches with high torque, long life, and high comfort. The Suzhou R&D Center takes advantage of the talent gathering of the Yangtze River Delta to attract high-end scientific and technological talents and forms a collaborative development model with the Changchun R&D base. Changchun has mainly focused on the development of traditional products, and Suzhou has mainly focused on disruptive and innovative products. Suzhou has gradually become a technology exchange window and a new technology incubation base.

Product advantages

The company currently has 6 major series, 14 specifications, and more than 100 kinds of automotive clutch products. The products are mainly used in commercial vehicles and are suitable for vehicle models covering heavy, medium, passenger, light, mining, and new energy. The product has product characteristics and technical advantages such as high torque transmission, low stiffness, long life, light weight and compact structure.